HammerHead® 500RSX Scrubber

$5,040.00 $4,699.00

$5,040.00 $4,699.00

This is the HammerHead 500RSX 20” Disk Walk-Behind Scrubber. It is designed to fit those smaller areas, but still cover a lot of ground. The interchangeable disk brush is best for cleaning smooth, pre-swept surfaces such as those found in offices, schools, hospitals and gyms.

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Engineered Simplicity

Engineered Performance

Technical Specifications

Feature 500RSX
Work Capacity up to

19,260 ft2/hr

Autonomy up to

3.5 hr

Cleaning Path (in.)


Brush Type


Number of Brushes


Brush Width (in.)


Width with squeegee

27.5 in

Solution Tank Capacity

10.6 Gal

Disc Brush Rotations

140 RPM

Noise Level dB (A)

< 66

Power Source


Batteries (V/A)

24 Volts

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