Maximum Performance – Simplified.

Hammerhead 500RSX Floor Scrubber

Controlled Cleaning

HammerHead 500RSX Scrubber Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel is simple and intuitive to use. Your screen displays the status of the battery, scrub brush and squeegee. You can release your disk brush from the scrub deck, turn on ECO mode and go in reverse with the press of a button. The knob located below the screen is to allow the operator to pick the speed at which the machine moves.

500SS Scrubber - Handle for raising or lowering squeegee

Squeegee Control

Raise and lower the squeegee with a simple pull of the adjustable handle on the back of the scrubber. When you lower the squeegee, the vacuum will start immediately. The combination of the squeegee and vacuum will dry the floor as you go.

500SS Scrubber - Brush Head Control Pedal

Scrub Deck Control

As with the squeegee, you can easily raise and lower the scrub deck with the push of the foot pedal located at the back of the scrubber. A brush icon will appear on the control panel screen when the brush head is down and in the scrubbing position. The flow of water and solution will begin once you press the handle to start moving forward.

Intuitive Touch Points

500SS Scrubber Squeegee Nozzle Touch Point

Squeegee Vacuum Nozzle

If the squeegee isn’t drying like you expect it to, there’s a good chance you’ve got something clogging the vacuum hose. The bright yellow color indicates it is one of the first places to check in case of a clog. To avoid clogs, be sure to pre-sweep the area of larger debris prior to using your 500RSX.

500SS Scrubber Solution Tank Filter

Solution Tank Filter

Another touch point to check on your 500RSX is the solution tank filter. It is located at the base of the squeegee deck on the underside of the machine and is bright yellow in color. Be sure to remove and rinse the filter after each use to avoid potential clogs.

500SS Scrubber Emergency Shut Off Button Safety Feature

Emergency Shutoff

As a safety feature, the 500RSX has a big red emergency shutdown button. Suppose you accidentally run over a rope while scrubbing and you’re like “Oh no!”. Well, fret not. Just bop the big red button to instantly turn off the machine.

Getting Ready to Clean

500SS Water Filler Hose

Water Fill Hose

Your HammerHead scrubber can be filled with clean, cold water in two ways: with a hose or bucket through the opening at the top of the gray solution tank or by attaching the water fill hose to a nearby faucet (pictured above).

Solution Tank Cover is a Chemical Dilution Measurement Container

Add Solution

After filling the solution tank with water, add cleaning chemical solutions to get your cleanest floors. The solution tank cover doubles as a measuring container to help you add the properly diluted amount of cleaning solution.

500SS Scrubber Chemical Solution Flow Adjustment

Adjust Solution Flow

Depending on the type of flooring you are cleaning (sealed vs. non-sealed), how dirty they are and how quickly you are moving, you can adjust the amount of solution you dispense. At the rear of the scrubber you will find the command knob that you can raise and lower depending on how much solution flow you want. Raise to reduce solution flow and lower to increase.

Getting Rid of the Mess

HammerHead Scrubber - Recovery Tank Lid Compartment

Tank Cover

The recovery tank’s cover offers a convenient holding area for other small cleaning items that you’d like to have handy. It’s the perfect spot for an extra rag or bottle of cleaning solution.

500SS Recovery Tank Float

Tank Float

When the recovery tank becomes full, the float will protect the vacuum motor by shutting off its air intake. The cylindrical design of this scrubber’s float means that it’s not susceptible to the common failures of other scrubber tank float designs.

HammerHead 500 Series - Recovery Tank Drainage Hose

Drainage Hose

Easily drain the recovery tank of dirty solution.

Final Steps

Rinsing out scrubber recovery tank

Rinse Out Recovery Tank

Once you’ve drained the recovery tank, it is best practice to take a moment to rinse out the recovery tank of any excess dirt.

Leave lid open to allow recovery tank to dry

Remove Tank Cover

After rinsing out your recovery tank, leave the tank cover off while it dries. This will help prevent the tank from producing a bad odor over long-term use.

500RSX On-Board Battery Charger

On-Board Charger

The most important last step is to charge your scrubber for the next use. The on-board charging station allows you to easily plug into any nearby outlet.

See It In Action

Let’s Get Technical

Work Capacity up to

19,260 ft2/hr

Autonomy up to

3.5 hr

Cleaning Path (in.)


Brush Type


Number of Brushes


Brush Width (in.)


Width with squeegee

27.5 in

Solution Tank Capacity

10.6 Gal

Noise Level dB (A)

< 66

Power Source


Batteries (V/A)

24 Volts

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