Hammerhead was originally designed in partnership with our manufacturers and Bortek Industries in 2014. Trends with the two major brands in the US showed an increase in costs and decline in quality. It became increasingly difficult to provide a simple solution to customers with a more limited budget.
Thus, Hammerhead was born. A line of cleaning equipment that is easy to operate, built with quality parts, and provides a quality clean. Those were the primary boxes to check. But we didn’t stop there. We also made Hammerhead an affordable solution so everyone can get the clean they deserve! Everything about Hammerhead is designed around our mantra, “Engineered Simplicity™.”
In 2019, Hammerhead Cleaning Equipment, LLC. was started as its own company, in order to give it full reign to build its brand and to give our customers across the entire US access to this focused offering on our website. Now exclusively online, everyone can access the value initiated by a tenured and reputable company in the cleaning equipment industry!
We can’t wait to for you to get the results you’ve been looking for!
Click here to learn more about brand partner, Bortek.

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