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950MS Manual Sweeper on Sidewalk

HammerHead® 900SX Sweeper

HammerHead® 900SX Sweeper

Filtered, Battery-Powered Sweeper

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I really like this machine, it is very easy to use, it does a very nice job on my dirty shop floors which usually have a lot of gravel on them from my equipment. I love the extra width it has compared to other higher priced models. It is very easy to clean out and the battery seems to run forever before needing a charge. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an industrial type floor sweeper.

– Mike

Reviewing the 900SX Sweeper

5 star! The initial one worked so well that we bought a 2nd unit!

– Randy G.

Reviewing the 950MS Sweeper

We really like the 500rsx. It is just what we need for our gym and fellowship hall. The onboard charger is a super feature. The fill hose is a great convenience. The water control is nice because you don’t have to bend over to find it like our old scrubber. (…)

– Trent

Reviewing the 500RSX Scrubber

Works well and is easy to maintain. Much quicker then sweeping by broom and we no longer need to use sweeping compound.

– David H.

Reviewing the 950MS Sweeper