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  • HammerHead 400RS Electric Floor Scrubber / Electric Mop

    HammerHead® 400RS Scrubber

    The 400RS is a highly maneuverable compact floor scrubber that can easily clean in difficult-to-reach locations. It’s like a hybrid of a scrubber and electric mop, built durably with a high-density stainless steel chassis. No matter the type of floor, the 400RS can clean it, and it can have different brushes and pads swapped in to match the job.

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  • HammerHead 500RSX - Disc Floor Scrubber

    HammerHead® 500RSX Scrubber

    This is the HammerHead 500RSX 20″ Disc Walk-Behind Scrubber. Designed to fit those smaller areas, but still cover a lot of ground. Its disc brush is best for deep cleaning smooth, swept floor surfaces, like those in schools and hospitals.

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  • Hammerhead 500SS Cylindrical Walk-Behind Scrubber

    HammerHead® 500SS Scrubber

    Industrial grade, best-in-class quality, durability, performance, hospital quiet, and stainless steel hardware make the HammerHead 500SS a must have for regular floor cleaning. Its cylindrical brush is ideal for cleaning deep in the grooves of tiled or rough floors, even when the floor hasn’t been pre-swept.

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