Pad Holder and Pads for 500RSX Scrubbers

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Types of Scrubber Pads


This is the softest pad option, designed for polishing smooth floors without scratching them. Use this for light scrubbing on wood, linoleum, or laminate flooring.


Suitable for frequent use on relatively clean floors. It can even clean without water, and polishes by removing marks. It’s more abrasive than the white brush, but still gentle enough for wood, linoleum, and laminate flooring.


Suitable for removing surface layers of wax and for preparing the flooring for subsequent treatments. It’s designed for wet use and can be used on linoleum floors without scratching.


Suitable for wet scraping heavy layers of wax. Removes the old finish, and eliminates burrs in concrete. This is a heavy-duty, abrasive pad which should only be used on durable floors such as commercial vinyl flooring or smooth concrete floors like those in restrooms and restaurant kitchens.

Pad Holder

The pad holder allows you to attach pads to your 500RSX scrubber. Pads cannot be used without a Pad Holder, and a Pad Holder cannot be used without a Pad.

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20" Pad Holder, 20" White Pad (5pc), 20" Red Pad (5pc), 20" Green Pad (5pc), 20" Black Pad (5pc)