HammerHead® 900SX Sweeper



The 900SX is an industrial-strength, battery-powered (and self-propelled) walk-behind sweeper that’s great for both indoor and outdoor sweeping. Its 44-inch sweeping path and 13.2 gallon hopper will pick up a lot of debris – and the PTFE Filter will contain it, down to particles of 10 microns!

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Common Floor Applications

  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots
  • Wood-Working Shops
  • Tennis Courts
Warehouse Floor
Engineered Simplicity


  • Easily start cleaning with the turn of a key
  • Use the three-color battery gauge to know when to re-charge your machine


  • Handles allow you to choose how quickly you sweep and if you use both or just one front broom

Filter Shake-Out

  • Gently pull the handle up and down about an inch to release the dust and dirt particulates picked up while you were sweeping
ControlsHandleFilter Shake-Out
Engineered Performance
900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Front Brooms

Front Brooms

  • 44″ sweeping path
  • Dual front brooms allow you to cover more ground
900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Debris Hopper

Debris Hopper

  • Easily removable 13.2 gallon debris hopper
Front BroomsHopper

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An even simpler sweeping solution – the 950MS is a manual-powered walk-behind sweeper. No battery, no motor; just good old brooms and a debris bin.

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1 review for HammerHead® 900SX Sweeper

  1. Mike

    I really like this machine, it is very easy to use, it does a very nice job on my dirty shop floors which usually have a lot of gravel on them from my equipment. I love the extra width it has compared to other higher priced models. It is very easy to clean out and the battery seems to run forever before needing a charge. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an industrial type floor sweeper.

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