The Sweeper With Drive

900SX Battery-Powered Walk-Behind Sweeper

Start Sweeping

900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Controls

Control Panel

It’s easy to get started. Turn the key and switch on suction with the lever on the right. You can see your battery’s charge level too.

900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Handlebar

Handlebar Controls

Lower one or both front brooms using the handlebar controls. Then hold the front control lever for self-propelled walk-behind sweeping. Handlebar height can be adjusted for improved operator comfort.

900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Main Broom Pressure

Main Broom Pressure

Before starting, you may wish to adjust the ground pressure of the main broom. Simply open the hood and turn the knob at the front of the sweeper to raise or lower the cylindrical broom.

Collect and Empty Debris

900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Cleaning

Sweep it Up

Cutting a clean path through a floor of dust is as easy as walking forward and allowing the 900SX to sweep and suck up everything in its 44-inch path.

900SX Sweeper Filter Shake Handle

Shake the Filter

The onboard PTFE Filter collects even the finest particles while sweeping. After each use, gently pull the filter handle up and down (about an inch or two as pictured) to release dust and dirt into the hopper.

900SX Walk-Behind Sweeper Debris Hopper

Remove Hopper

The debris hopper (waste box) can be easily removed by un-clipping the locking mechanism and sliding it out. Empty the collected dirt, slide it back in, and you’re ready for more sweeping.

Let’s Get Technical


232 lbs

Cleaning Path (in.)


Power Source


Hopper Capacity

13.2 Gallons

Batteries (V/A)

12/370 (1)

Theoretical Productivity (ft2/hr)


Sweeper Filter Material

PTFE Filter (<10μm)

Filtration of PM10 Particles


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