500SS For Testing (freeshipping)

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Industrial grade, best-in-class quality, durability, performance, hospital quiet, and stainless steel hardware make the HammerHead 500SS a must have for regular floor cleaning. Its cylindrical brush is ideal for cleaning deep in the grooves of tiled or rough floors, even when the floor hasn’t been pre-swept.

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Floor Applications

Engineered Simplicity

On-Board Charger Hammerhead 500RSX 500SS Scrubber On-Board Battery Charger

On-Board Charger

  • Easily plug in and charge from regular wall outlets
Controls 500SS Scrubber Control Panel

Control Panel

  • Simple, press-of-a-button controls
  • Power-saving ECO-mode
Squeegee Hammerhead 500SS Scrubber Squeegee


  • Tool-free squeegee removal
  • Breakaway V-shaped squeegee leaves floor instantly dry
Engineered Performance

Disc Brush 500RSX Scrubber Disc Brush

Disc Scrub Brush

  • Disc scrub brush is ideal for deep cleaning pre-swept, smooth floor surfaces
  • Additional brushes and pads can be easily swapped in according to floor type
Pad Holder 500RSX Scrubber Pad Holder with Red Pad

Specialized Pads

  • Pad holder allows for use of scrubbing/polishing pads for a variety of floor surfaces
  • Pads range from soft to abrasive, according to your floor and objective
*Pads and pad holder sold separately.
(Check it out!)
Tank Float Floor Scrubber Recovery Tank Float

Recovery Tank Float

  • Cylindrical recovery tank float design avoids common failures of other scrubber brands

Technical Specifications

Work Capacity up to

18,837 ft2/hr

Autonomy up to

3.5 hr

Cleaning Path (in.)


Brush Type


Number of Brushes


Brush Size

3″ x 19.7″

Squeegee Width (in.)


Solution Tank Capacity

10.6 Gal

Noise Level dB (A)

< 70

Batteries (V/A)

24 Volts

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