Spring Clean-Up Sale

Buy All Three, Save $300!

  • Hammerhead FIN Hands-free chemical dilution and filling

    FIN Handheld Device + Free case of Emerald 84


    The FIN Handheld Device connects to your water hose to allow for precise dilution of scrubber-safe chemical; no measuring required.
    One free case (two 80 oz. bottles) of Emerald 84 Neutral Floor Cleaner is included!

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  • HammerHead 500RSX - Disc Floor Scrubber

    HammerHead® 500RSX Scrubber


    This is the HammerHead 500RSX 20” Disk Walk-Behind Scrubber. It is designed to fit those smaller areas, but still cover a lot of ground. The interchangeable disk brush is best for cleaning smooth, pre-swept surfaces such as those found in offices, schools, hospitals and gyms.
    It features effortless traction drive and an on-board charger.

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  • 950MS Manual Walk-Behind Sweeper

    HammerHead® 950MS Sweeper

    $799.00 $749.00

    The 950MS is an elegantly designed manual walk-behind sweeper. It’s collapsible for compact storage, sweeps a nice 36″ width, and features brightly colored touch points for intuitive usability.

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