Simply Sweep

Hammerhead 950MS Manual Sweeper

Walk and Sweep

950MS Manual Sweeper Front Brooms

Front Brooms

As you walk, the front brooms will mechanically spin and direct debris under the 950MS.

950MS Manual Sweeper Rear Broom

Main Broom

As debris passes under the sweeper, the main broom sweeps and tosses it into the debris container (removed here for broom visibility).

950MS Sweeper Debris Hopper

Debris Hopper

When finished or full, the debris hopper can be easily lifted up and out for emptying.

Touch Points

950MS Manual Sweeper Touch Points

Easy Adjustment

Bright yellow touch points indicate all the most common points of interest. You won’t have any trouble finding out how to adjust things at a glance.

950MS Broom Adjustment Knob

Front Broom Pressure

Raise or lower the front brooms by adjusting the tool-free touch point knobs on the front of the sweeper.

950MS Main Broom Adjustment

Main Broom Adjustment

The main broom can be raised or lowered with the handle on the back of the sweeper.

Compact Storage

950MS Manual Sweeper Compact Storage Folding

Collapsible Handlebar

The final touch points on the base handle can be loosened to allow the handle to be folded down, reducing the 950MS to an even more compact size for storage.

950MS Manual Sweeper Fold Up Brooms

Fold-Up Brooms

If desired, the brooms can be folded up on top, enabling sweeping with only one broom, or another storage option.

950MS Manual Sweeper Storage Pouch

Handlebar Pouch

A pouch attached to the handle can be used to store the manual and small items.

See It In Action

Let’s Get Technical


52.5 lbs

Cleaning Path (in.)


Power Source




Hopper Capacity

10.5 Gallons

Theoretical Productivity (ft2/hr)


Non-Marking Wheels


Non-Corrosive Debris Hopper


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