FIN Handheld Device

Includes FREE Case of Spectrum All-Purpose Cleaner

HH Price: $89.99

FIN Handheld Device connects to your hose and concentrated FIN chemical solution container to allow for precise dilution of scrubber-safe chemical; no measuring required. Includes a free case of Spectrum All-Purpose Cleaner!

Hammerhead FIN Spectrum Floor Cleaner


This film-free, all-purpose cleaner removes soils and grease from any surface not harmed by water. It also works well as a scrub for preparing floor finishes for re-coating.

Hammerhead FIN ECO 828 Floor Cleaner

ECO 828

This environmentally-friendly floor cleaner & degreaser deals with grease and oil by turning it into soap with its saponifying agents.

Hammerhead FIN Emerald 84 Floor Cleaner

Emerald 84

An entirely synthetic floor cleaner. Its slightly acidic pH is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue, ice melt, and hard water films without damaging a floor’s gloss or finish.

Hammerhead FIN Formula 528 Floor Cleaner

Formula 528

A water-based cleaner & degreaser for use on medium to heavy industrial soils on most surfaces. Formula 528 is designed with floor scrubbers in mind, so it is also low foaming, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.