Squeegee Replacement for 500SS and 500RSX Scrubbers


If your HammerHead scrubber is leaving a trail of water behind after scrubbing, it may be time to replace the squeegee. Check your squeegee for cracks or other damage to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

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Troubleshooting Scrubber Vacuum and Squeegee Issues

If your scrubber is leaving water behind or the vacuum is not functioning correctly, please check for these other common causes first.
  • Is the vacuum obstructed?
  • Confirm that the recovery tank cover and hose cap are properly positioned.
  • The recovery tank may be full.
  • Squeegee may not be positioned properly.

Squeegee kits are also available as part of the 500RSX Wearable Parts Kit and the 500SS Wearable Parts Kit.