Disc Brushes for 500RSX Scrubbers

One of the most important parts of your 500RSX scrubber – the disc brush agitates the chemical cleaning solution and scrubs soil from the floor. This part wears out eventually through regular use, so it is recommended to have a replacement on hand.

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Choosing and Using Brushes

Polypropylene Brush (PPL) (Standard)

Used on all types of floors. Good resistance to wear and tear, and hot water (no greater than 50°C). The polypropylene is non-hygroscopic and therefore retains its characteristics even when working in wet conditions.

Abrasive (Mid-Grit) Brush

The bristles of this type of brush are charged with highly aggressive abrasives. It is used to clean very dirty floors. To avoid floor damage, work only with the pressure strictly necessary.

Thickness of Bristles

Thicker bristles are more rigid and are therefore used on smooth floors or floors with small joints.
On uneven floors or those with deep joints, it is advisable to use softer bristles which can enter the gaps more easily. Remember that when the bristles are worn and therefore too short, they will become rigid and are no longer able to penetrate and clean deep down. In this case, like with over-large bristles, the brush tends to jump.

Disc brushes are also available as part of the recommended 500RSX Wearable Parts Kit.